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Obama Backs Big Oil in Alaska

May 25, 2012
  1. Last night my digital media classmates and I had twenty minutes to create a Storify story. It was my first time using the site. Here’s what I came up with, unedited.
    Shell will commence drilling off the coast of Northern Alaska in July, a move which has many questioning whether the President has fossil fuel producers’ best interests at heart.

    The New York Times takes a deeper look into the people who would suffer should there be an oil spill: the Inupiat Eskimos.
  2. The Obama Administration pleased environmentalists by delaying the controversial Keystone Pipeline decision, but this recent move has activists and organizations up in arms, taking the cause to social media sites and to blogs spread the word virally.
  3. Obama fielded questions like this one from Earth Justice during his live Twitter chat on Tuesday.
  4. Earthjustice
    @WhiteHouse Pres. Obama, do you stand with Big Oil or do you stand with more than 1 million Americans who say no to Arctic drilling? #WHChat
    Thu, May 24 2012 18:38:11
  5. On May 15, the Sierra Club along with 10 other environmental organizations delivered over 1 million comments to the President, urging him to protect the Arctic’s polar bears.
  6. Protesting wasn’t merely accomplished online, hundreds of anti-drilling activists swarmed the White House on Tuesday in an attempt to be seen and heard, and urge Obama to protect America’s Arctic.
  7. The BP oil spill — which happened just 2 years ago and dumped an estimated 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico — is a reminder that everybody pays when we drill.
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