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This Week’s Top Eco Stories

April 19, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton. AP Photo.

This special Earth Day edition of our weekly eco roundup takes a look at some serious issues from around the globe, while keeping things lighthearted with some fun articles you’ll enjoy during Earth Week.

Captain Planet Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary of Annual Earth Day Kids Fest 
Laura and the Captain Planet Foundation celebrated its 10th Annual Earth Day Kids Fest on Saturday. Children learned how to become stewards of the planet at the action-packed event, which included education stations, live animal encounters, canoeing, a musical performance, and so much more.

In honor of the 10th Anniversary, Captain Planet is combining forces with the Earth Day Network (EDN) to promote the ‘Billion Acts of Green’® campaign. Already, 499,578,824 global citizens have committed to their act of green! Will you? Register your act of green today here!

The Keystone XL is Back on the Menu. Again.
Here comes trouble. House Republican leadership is maneuvering to force approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline on legislation extending federal transportation funding for another 90 days.

We’ve covered Keystone, and published Ted Turner’s terrific Op-Ed on the pipeline, so we’ll stay on top of this one as things progress.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Explains Why the City of the Future is Bike-Friendly
Luminary Bill Ny The Science Guy explains his vision for a world more accommodating of bikes and bikers in this video you’ll want to watch.

Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill Still Causing Damage in Gulf 2 Years Later, Scientists Find
The BP oil spill — which dumped an estimated 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico — is still wreaking havoc, quietly. As these types of disasters tend to go, the media gave the story an exorbitant amount of attention, and then, well, sort of dropped it.

Sure, BP spent 14 billion on the cleanup. While that sure is a lot of money, the company was bound to pay, and biologists are finding lingering — even growing — damage throughout the Gulf.

We think this part of the BP spill story needs to start picking up again.
Countdown Until Earth Day With Timepieces from Sprout Watches 
The makers of sleek-looking, eco-friendly, and affordable men’s, women’s and kid’s watches will plant a tree for every watch sold on their site in honor of Earth Day. The company is one of our Friday favorites, and we love its mission to source sustainably and give back to Mother Earth.

Arctic Climate Change Opening Region to New Military Activity
Governments are preparing for international fights over the Arctic’s resources that have thus far remained locked beneath the polar ice caps. As warmer temps continue to thaw that Arctic, the world’s military leaders have their eyes on the prize, and it could get ugly.

Bill Clinton Is Headliner at Sustainability Enclave
Political and business leaders are gathering in New York City to explore energy efficiency in buildings and other topics at the Sustainable Operations Summit at the Hilton Hotel today and Thursday. I’ll be attending tomorrow, will listen in on several sessions including Bill Clinton’s and Trudie Styler’s, and I’ll be sure to report back!

U.S. Army Renewable Energy Development Lab to Build Fuel Cells, Hybrid Vehicles in Michigan Facility
The U.S. Army opened a 30,000-square-foot laboratory in Michigan dedicated to cutting-edge, alternative energy technology for powering military vehicles. Officials said new energy research is necessary to save money and to keep soldiers safe. The new laboratory is part of the Obama administration’s initiatives to create a greener U.S. military intended to benefit the environment and improve fighting capabilities.
Coca-Cola Drums Up Water Stewardship Awareness for Earth Day
Although we don’t advise drinking soda products, we do think Coca-Cola’s partnership with River Network to donate more than 1,000 syrup drums for reuse as rain barrels in communities all across the country is worthy of recognition. The syrup drums — which will be repurposed as rain barrels — will capture rainwater and help reduce stormwater pollution. It’s estimated that the new rain barrels will help replenish 60 million gallons of water each year.
( Article submitted to the {Wednesday Roundup} by @laurencoppage – Thanks Lauren!)

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Photo Credit : AP

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