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Anjolee Diamonds: An Eco Chick’s Best Friend

November 18, 2011


Diamonds. They’re there for a girl when she needs them. As they sparkle back at you, you’re reminded of a time in your life, or a place, a person or cherished memory.

But what’s even better than those feelings a diamond evokes, is the pride you have as you rock a piece that was ethically sourced and manufactured responsibly.

I discovered Anjolee– the largest purveyor of high-quality, ethically sourced diamond bracelets online, and it was pure rapture. They manufacture every single item they sell which allows them complete control over the quality of their products. And they mean business when it comes to their sourcing. Anjolee fully complies with the Kimberly Act of 2003, ensuring that all of their diamonds are strictly certified as conflict-free.


Here’s another reason I know you and I can be boastful about an Anjolee piece: They love Mother Earth as much as we do. Their strict, green jewelry manufacturing process involves the refining, recycling and clean disposal of all materials used during the process.

Since the products met our site’s standards, it was time to do some serious window shopping. I have to admit that I sort of felt like a little girl in FAO Schwartz. “Ohhh, I like this one. No wait, that one!!” The site is easy to navigate and you can custom-design a piece to your fancy that meets both your taste and budget (let’s be honest, we all have restrictions!).  What’s great is that since you’re buying from Anjolee directly, they’re able to offer affordable prices below retail.

So whether you’re in search of a stunning Diamond BraceletDiamond Tennis Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet, Tennis Bracelet, Necklace, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Jewelry or more, it’s impossible not to find an item that’s perfect for you, the earth and the people who produced it. Anjolee jewelry will be a great addition to that little holiday wish list of yours. Not only will you look good wearing it, but you’ll feel good wearing it because there’s a happy story behind Anjolee’s jewelry.


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