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Hopeful Green Job Facts to Lift Your Spirits

August 10, 2011

The news has been painful to digest lately. You don’t have to be an economist or a newshound to know its been grim.

In an effort to quell your thirst for something positive and promising amidst our country’s current economic conundrum, I’ve compiled a few fun and interesting green job facts that will leave you with a good and optimistic post read high.

Marjora Carter to launch national brand for local produce.  Marjora’s goal is to create accessible jobs in food production for Americans. By establishing a nationally recognized brand platform that immediately signifies local economic prosperity and high quality, Marjora’s brand will drive more investment into local food systems. “That means building more indoor, year-round hydroponic growing space, which in turn reduces blight, draws people back into declining urban areas, and inspires hope for those who have very little now. I also believe that employing people in healthy food production will serve the dual purpose of exposing them to that world as a form of experiential education,” said Marjora in an interview with

Bike Lanes Create Jobs. You did indeed, read that correctly. A recent study from the University of Massachusetts found that bike infrastructure projects create more jobs than road infrastructure. Their latest study showed that bike and pedestrian projects generate 46 percent more employment than roads. Researchers looked at 58 projects in 11 states, and found that cycle-oriented infrastructure created 11.6 jobs for every $1 million spent, versus 7.8 for road-only projects. There you have it! Building the U.S.’ bike infrastructure to solve the job crisis. Voila! (I’ve received several emails related to this fact and so I’d like to make something clear: I do no think that simply building the U.S.’ bike infrastructure will solve the job crisis. It was a joke). 

The Department of Energy’s “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” challenge encourages high-growth entrepreneurship in the United States. By reducing the paperwork and cost associated with obtaining option agreements to license technology developed at national laboratories, the DOE is making it easier for start-up companies to succeed and create new jobs in America. Entrepreneurs who complete the Department of Energy’s process and demonstrate progress toward executing their business plan and commercializing the technology will have the opportunity to be showcased at the 3rd Annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in 2012.

The U.S. Armed Forces Are Going Green. This could be a huge game-changer in our domestic energy market, one which would create jobs (lots of them!) for Americans. The Department of Defense has resolved to cut its energy intensity 30% by 2015, obtain a quarter of its energy from renewable resources by 2020, slash petroleum use 20% by 2015, reduce its CO2 emissions and power jets and ships with biofuels. Each of the four branches of the armed services has set its own “eco goals,” including an initiative to eliminate waste and achieve net-zero energy and water consumption at Army and Navy installations. If our military diverts billions of dollars from dirty and unsustainable fuels to solar, wind and biomass technologies, hundreds of U.S. companies could create new jobs by building, servicing and using sustainable energy technologies.

This piece was originally published at Thrifty& 

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  1. August 11, 2011 8:20 AM

    RE: Bike Lanes

    “Researchers looked at 58 projects in 11 states, and found that cycle-oriented infrastructure created 11.6 jobs for every $1 million spent, versus 7.8 for road-only projects. There you have it! ”

    Argh! Typical muddy thinking. Divide 11 into a million = 900K PER JOB!!!! For an infrastructure that no one in their right mind would build at those costs.

    That’s what’s wrong with thinking that the Gooferment can do anything. The oft said maxim is that the Gooferment can’t do ANYTHING right. This just demonstrates it.

    The Tea Party is right. Cut the Gooferment’s spending. Go Ron Paul!

    Did anyone study economics in a business class?

    • August 12, 2011 6:51 PM

      Thanks for your comment. You’ve completely taken this fact out of context and then enjoyed running with it. Let me reiterate that I do not think that simply building US bike infrastructure will solve the job crisis. It was a joke which evidently went over your head. Enjoy your weekend!

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