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WASTE Bags: Junk Transformed into Fab Bag For Any Occasion

December 3, 2010

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Envision a typical day for yourself. The hustle and bustle likely has you switching gears and bags at light-speed. Whether you’re hitting the gym, taking your pup for a stroll, walking the kids to the park, lunching with clients or enjoying a cocktail with friends, chances are you’re swapping bags and crossing your fingers you don’t forget anything all at once. The never-ending transitioning during a hectic day is maddening!

Sexy eco chic WASTE bags

If you struggle with bag issues like me on a daily basis, I’ve finally found an answer to our prayers. I discovered WASTE bags while scouring the internet for a bag that could take me from day to night, with ease. They’re sleek-looking and so versatile that you’ll place the countless bags you own in the back of your closet.

Aside from getting you seriously hooked on their bags, WASTE is committed to reducing their impact on the environment. The hip company re-purposes rejected materials from the auto industry. Undesirable scraps of leather, polyester, rubber and seat belts, once regarded as junk, are transformed into WASTE’S elegant bags. The unique materials used make each bag a one-of-a-kind gem, sure to capture attention and garner more than a few compliments.

From your local farmers market to dinner, look eco fab with WASTE bags

I should also mention that WASTE gives back to the community, as well. The company supports a governmental project in Barcelona, where it’s based, which helps prisoners reintegrate into society and earn a salary while hand-crafting each and every bag.

Whether you’re sophisticated in heels, sporty in sneakers or shopping in boots, WASTE bags will transport you through your busy day while looking oh-so chic and composed. They’d make a wonderful Holiday gift, too.

You can also read my post on WASTE Bags on Starre Vartan’s here.

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