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Bid Adieu to Dairy

November 19, 2010

Heidi Klum, wearing a milk mustache.

Most people think it’s perfectly fine and healthy to drink milk. Advertisers would have you drinking it morning, noon and night if they had their way. The reality is that you should bid adieu to the stuff. Man is the only species that drinks the milk of another species. All other species drink the milk of the mothers of their own species until they are weaned. Cow’s milk would be good for you if were a baby calf not living on a factory farm.

The dairy industry and the USDA have convinced the general public that you need to drink milk  for its calcium and Vitamin D. It’s not true and I suggest that you watch the below video. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends via their “pyramid”, that you need to drink 3 glasses of milk per day. You’ll find it interesting that many of the experts at the USDA who help craft guidelines and pyramids, work for the dairy industry. The USDA, clever ad campaigns from the industry and lobbyists, are not acting in the best interest of American consumers.

Watch as Dr. Mark Hyman explains why milk is not crucial for good health. This is a must see friends.

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