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They can take over the House, but they won’t defeat our climate progress

November 5, 2010

Tuesday’s election was a rough one in more ways than one. For those of us who realize the importance and urgency in our government creating comprehensive climate legislation, it’s a particularly tough outcome to swallow. We’re bummed because we realize sound climate policy will likely not happen within the next few years. Too many anti-science, global warming deniers will now take office and they’ll try to set us back.

If Washington isn’t going to get to work on climate legislation anytime soon, we will.  And if there’s any sign that Americans do care about the climate crisis, it was evident in the outcome in California on Tuesday.  This gives us all hope to hold onto.

California was the one state where people really voted on the climate crisis and the citizens overwhelmingly repudiated big oil’s attempt to do away with the state’s landmark global warming law. It was a landslide defeat by a wide 21% margin.

Leading up to the election day, Americans all across the country, not just Californians, came together to battle corporate interference in our planet’s future. We tweeted using hashtags like #NoON23 and #stopthedirtyenergyprop, we created you tube videos against Prop 23, we posted links to anti-prop 23 articles on facebook, we held protests against big oil like those on 10/10/10.  Bill McKibben, founder of the, confirmed that there were more than 400 work parties in California on 10/10/10!  Nearly every one of them was tied into the fight against Prop. 23. View photos from the Central Park, New York work party here.

In big ways and in small ones, we all successfully came together and stopped the big oil jerks from trying to halt our progress. And while we feel a bit down for the climate deniers’ takeover of the House, we should feel hopeful that Americans, together, made great progress in defeating the Dirty Energy Prop.

This speaks to something much larger. I believe climate legislation will and should be a platform issue in the 2012 President election. If Americans in all 50 states can help California take steps toward better, cleaner climate legislation, why can’t we Americans work hard in the next two years to ensure that climate legislation is an issue that our politicians in both parties, can no longer ignore? We also need to work hard to implement climate solutions at the local level and build momentum together there.

They can take over the house, but they won’t defeat our climate progress.

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