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Prop 23: Big oil using same dirty tricks

October 7, 2010

There’s a showdown taking place in California and it has nothing to do with the latest celebrity fued.

It’s 2 dirty oil companies, Valero and Tesoro, and their supporters versus a slew of activists, politicians (including the Governator) and environmentalists who are trying to protect the citizens of California.  California currently has something called the ‘Global Warming Solutions Act” of 2006, better known as A.B. 32, which essentially mandates that the state’s greenhouse gas emissions be cut to 1990 levels by 2020.  “Prop 23” aims to suspend this law until state unemployment rate falls to 5.5 % for four consecutive quarters. A very rare occurrence. Until this happens, the state would not be able to propose or adopt new regulations under AB 32, nor could the state enforce previously adopted regulations. It’s bad energy.

Activists against Prop 23 work on behalf of poor communities afflicted by pollution. They believe this global warming law, A.B. 32, is producing hundreds of thousands of jobs in a new “Green Economy”.  Investors have been pouring billions of dollars into companies manufacturing everything under the sun, literally, from electric cars to solar panels.  These companies in turn are creating jobs for Californians, approximately 500,000! Governor Schwarzenegger, an activist against Prop 23, called the energy industry-funded Prop 23 campaign “a corruption of the democratic process” and accused Texas oil companies like Valero Energy and Tesoro Corp. of attempting to “sabotage this country’s economic future for private gain.”



One organization against Prop 23 called The No on 23 campaign, calls the proposition “a deceptive ballot proposition that would kill California clean energy and air pollution control standards…and keep us addicted to dirty fossil fuels.”  Here’s a tv ad which the organization is running:



Another organization, Communities Against Prop 23,  is a group of social justice and community-based organizations uniting to stop the dirty energy proposition. They’re representing and educating the communities who would be hurt the most by Prop 23, those who are already burdened by too much pollution and poverty.  Here’s a great ipad parody they’re running:



Lastly, I want to share with you a speech Van Jones recently gave on the dirty energy companies and the lies they’re spreading.  Oil companies don’t care about citizens and they don’t care about the welfare of our nation.  They care abouttheir wealth and they’ll do whatever they can to retain it.  Watch as Van speaks the real truth about Prop 23:



For all you Californians reading this out there, VOTE NO on 23.


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