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A Vegan Gal in a Meat World

October 7, 2010

For me, the transition to veganism has been smooth sailing. Incredibly smooth actually. I haven’t encountered issues finding or cooking food and I’ve never felt better.

It’s the honest truth.  It really isn’t difficult, despite conventional wisdom. When you speak to most vegans, they’ll offer you a similar answer. For the good majority of the rest of the population though, a life without meat is just a life not worth living.

Which would be why I’ve stumbled upon a bit of resistance with people at social gatherings when they discover I’ve converted. When you’re a vegan who typically hangs around with a bunch of other like-minded people, one probably doesn’t find oneself in too many situations explaining why you eat what you eat.  But when you’re a vegan gal in a meat world– it’s a whole other ballgame.  You’re going against the grain and you missy, have some explaining to do.

I’m that girl.  I hang out with a bunch of people who eat meat.  I find most omnivores are “skeptically inquisitive” of my new lifestyle. They’re intrigued by it but, they don’t buy it. Geez, how could one possibly survive on this Earth without eating meat? The wheels are spinning in their heads and then the questions get going. And there are lots of them.

By no means has anyone been rude to me in any way. I understand the natural inquisitiveness that the subject breeds and I sincerely appreciate that people care enough to ask.

Now that that’s off my chest.  These are the 2 questions I get banged with. It never fails.

1.) Where do you get your protein from then?

2.) Is it hard?

You do not need to eat meat to get protein in your diet.  Repeat. You do not need to eat meat to get protein in your diet. In fact, the average American consumes about double the amount of protein that his or her body needs!  Medical evidence shows that eating too much protein can lead to serious health problems. The significantly smaller amount of protein that your body does need can come from a plethora of sources like vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and fruits. These are healthy foods that contain fiber and various other vitamins and minerals, without all of the unnecessary cholesterol and saturated fat you get from meat.

I’ll answer question number two, point blankly. It isn’t hard at all to be vegan, there are so many incredibly delicious foods that a vegan can eat and I never struggle to pull a meal together or find something at a restaurant.

I really do not miss eating meat in the least. I love my new lifestyle and I enjoy discovering new food options. I’m sure as my loved ones get used to the fact that I’m now a herbivore, the questions will ease up a bit.  I don’t doubt I’ll continue to be asked a question or two here or there, which I will happily answer. Bring them on. I do though believe that as more evidence about the “meat industry” is unveiled, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles will be more widely embraced.

PS. If you’re still not satiated, I delve into the ethical reasons on why I do not eat meat HERE:

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