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Brightsource, creating American jobs

October 4, 2010

In President Obama’s Internet address (above),the President promoted his administration’s support of clean energy technologies such as wind and solar.  After years of dropping the ball (thanks Bush Administration), it’s relieving to see that we’re finally investing our energy into this promising industry.

Ladies and gents, we’re not quite there yet. We’re about a month away from CRUCIAL elections to determine control of Congress.  For all you clean energy visionaries, this is an important next month and I urge you to vote.

There’s no other industry with more promise to renew our nation’s spirit and create jobs here in America,  than the Clean Energy industry.  Brightsource energy is breaking ground on a new facility in California which could provide jobs for 1,000 Americans and provide power for 140,000 homes.  It would be the biggest of its type in the world.  Slowly but surely we’re seeing clean energy companies emerge and these businesses are creating jobs and spurring innovation.  In my neck of the woods on Long Island, companies like Green Logic and SUNation Solar Systems are providing New Yorkers viable jobs, in all sorts of positions.  Bravo!  We must have a party in control who supports the investment in clean energy technology which will ignite a clean industrial revolution across America and halt our heavy reliance on foreign oil.

Now that’s good energy.

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