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A better tomorrow

September 29, 2010

Hi friends! Welcome to and thanks so much for stopping by.  I certainly hope you’ll come back!  This will be the first of many thoughts I look forward to sharing with you all.

I created this site in an effort to spread the message of hope because I believe that there can and will be, a better tomorrow.  The future has looked pretty darn gloomy in recent years and the media, by and large, has done a pretty impressive job of relaying messages such as fear and despair. A failing economy, catastrophic weather-related disasters, an energy crises, alarming childhood obesity rates, obsolete American industries and a lack of jobs to put Americans to work, etc, etc, have left us all feeling concerned for our future and the future of our children. I believe that despite the challenges that our Nation and world face, better days really do lie ahead.

There are practical, real solutions to all of these problems which will address.  My generation, the “Millennials” as we’re referred to, are a progressive, open-minded and proactive group who aren’t just complaining about problems, we’re figuring out ways we can solve them.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many gifted, forward-thinking 20-Somethings who are positively shaping our world.  And so, I’ve created a section called “The Millennials” where I’ll introduce you to these individuals and share their inspiring stories.  “Good Energy” will discuss the clean energy landscape, job creation across our Country and practical ways we all can spread good energy.  “Food for Thought” will tackle food related issues, the very dirty food industry and my experiences and thoughts on ways we can be kind to ourselves and the Earth by eating better quality food.   And since I love meeting and learning from fascinating people doing very cool things, “A Conversation With…” will have video interviews with people who are kicking butt and taking names.

Hope starts in small ways buts it has the power to gain momentum and spread across America and all over the world. My hope is that this little blog will relay powerful positive and enlightening messages making people feel inspired and hopeful for a bright future. In a very small way, is the change I want to see in the world.

Having said all that, please do comment on posts, shoot me an email, send me a Facebook message, or tweet at me.  If I’m a lucky gal, maybe we’ll even meet for coffee!

Much love,


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